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Do you ever use Etsy to shop? If so, you better check your user settings, otherwise your shopping habits will be searchable. Or just don’t buy your artisanal dildos on Etsy anymore. Either way, just be careful. Ars Technica


Twitter + Sketches = Your Tumblr of the Day: Twetches


Looks like Google Earth is doing Dali. Check out these “melted bridges” images found on Google Earth. HuffPo


And the Charlie Sheen saga continues, one drug fueled Twitter sh*t show at a time. Today it’s not Charlie’s outrageous tweets, but those of his gal pal Kacey Jordan (the porn star who tweeted a pic of her crotch from Charlie’s home and gave a detailed account of her evening with Charlie before he was hospitalized for a “hernia”). Jordan apparently locked herself in a Chicago hotel room and attempted to commit suicide, all the while tweeting about it.  Chicago police found her in her room surrounded by pill bottles and broken glass. Jordan later continued to tweet from the hospital during her recovery. A cry for help, for attention, for fame, whatever it was, the whole thing is ridiculous and sad.  This is what Twitter is for? Gawker



Here’s a pretty fun campaign: Friskies hooked up with The Cheezburger Network to make a bunch of sculptures made of cheese in homage of lolcats.The sculptures, made with 640 pounds of cheddar, were unveiled at SXSW this week.

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