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What are the Steps for Writing an Essay?

There is nothing worse than having the phrase “help me write my essay” run through a person’s brain. It causes the blank page on the computer screen in front of him or her to look like an abyss where creativity and thought goes to die. It makes it difficult to concentrate and can cause a person to eternally procrastinate, never actually producing a finished project. If you find yourself stating “I need help writing an essay,” these are the steps that you need to be successful.

Research the Topic

This is the number one tip that I received in order to help me write my essay. Unless you are writing an essay about yourself, you don’t have all of the information. Research should be conducted so that a thorough understanding of the topic is able to be gained without too much issue. Use search engines, research databases, and the library to explore the topic and develop an idea that can be written about.


Depending on the type of essay, all of the information will need to be analyzed. If the essay is about taking a side on an issue, look at the gathered facts and see which side you will be able to support more strongly. If the topic is general, such as about biology, try to develop an argument statement that you can prove throughout the paper. This essay writing help tip will ensure that the idea for the paper will be well-developed.

Write the Thesis

The thesis is the basic framework of the essay and tells the reader what the purpose of the essay will be. This is the most important step because without a well-developed thesis, the essay itself will be nearly impossible to write. This is the main point of the essay and will form the backbone of the entire writing process. For those thinking “help me write my essay,” this is the primary step that will need to be figured out.

Make an Outline

This is a step that is commonly skipped by many people who are first starting to write essays. A very common statement made by those who are in the business of essay writing help is to advise that more time be spent on the outline than on the actual paper itself. This is because, once the outline is done and done correctly, not a lot of writing beyond it will be needed. The outline should include the basic guidelines for an introduction that can be followed to allow writing the introduction to be much simpler. Then, all of the different supporting facts should be organized into the requisite number of body paragraphs. Finally, a brief guideline for the conclusion should be provided. Fine tune the outline before even starting to write the essay.

Write the Introduction

The introduction is the first impression that an essay makes on the world. It should grab the reader’s attention and never let it go, causing the reader to want to finish the essay to see what is said. Start more generally and then gradually narrow the topic down to the thesis statement, which ought to be the last sentence of the introductory paragraph.

Write the Body Paragraphs

Each body paragraph should be a single idea that is well-supported. The idea should help prove that the thesis statement in the introduction is true. Don’t elaborate to the point of ridiculous because it will only confuse the reader. Use these paragraphs to prove a point in the simplest, clearest way possible.

Write the Conclusion

The conclusion is the final thought that the reader is left with. Restate the thesis statement, make sure that the point is clear, and possibly leave the reader with a thought to chew over after finishing reading.

Hopefully these steps will turn essay writing from a situation that causes the panicked thought of “I need help writing an essay” to turn to clear sanity. By focusing on developing the essay before even writing it, the process will go much more smoothly.

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