‘How do we get more analytical?’: For video advertisers, tech is a steeper challenge than creative

Video advertising is a growing source of opportunity for brands and agencies. But with technology and video platforms in a constant state of flux, it’s not always easy to keep track.

At the Digiday Video Advertising Summit in Palm Springs, California, we asked execs from Direct Agents and Deutsch what keeps them up at night. As it turns out, it’s mostly technology and analytics.

Despite a years-long push to shore up their tech capabilities, these executives painted a picture of an industry that’s still falling behind when it come to measurement and video ad tech. And they told us that such capabilities are more crucial to the growth of video advertising than any other factors.
Here are some highlights:

  • Dinesh Boaz at Direct Agents worries about the dual challenges of improving analytical sophistication while dealing with the exploding costs of customer acquisition.
  • Boaz says that getting more analytical is the biggest challenge for an agency —  more so even than getting more creative.
  • Lauren Tetuan at Deutsch worries that shifting more dollars from linear to connected TV won’t be possible until measurement becomes less complicated.
  • Tetuan says that agencies and platforms need robust analytics to make advertisers more comfortable with video advertising.
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