Mobile moments happen at the speed of life

Mobile represents the largest–and potentially most powerful–opportunity to influence consumer behavior. Are you making the most of every meaningful marketing moment?

Digital has surpassed TV as the consumer’s primary screen, with mobile usage leading the small screen race. Yet, mobile strategy is often an afterthought in brand planning, which is invariably desktop driven.

Mobile is not an extended screen, it provides the ability to directly influence the consumer at the right time with the right message when they are at the right location. Mobile is the primary device that is carried with a consumer from each changing moment across their day.

Mobile programmatic technology is now empowering marketers to pinpoint the moments that matter most to a consumer, how to measure mobile success, and how to do this at scale.

Doing mobile right requires a different strategy than other screens. Here’s a checklist for setting up a scalable mobile strategy.

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5 steps to maximize mobile impact:

Understand the behavioral footprint of your customer through mobile

  • The context of a mobile consumer changes throughout their day. Profile the real–world activities of your consumer to create a more robust behavioral data segment beyond basic demographics.

Pinpoint the moments that matter

  • Mobile-first technology can help identify which moments matter so you can find the right time and location to serve a relevant marketing message. A moment can have purpose–like researching a product at a retail store–or no intent at all–like waiting for a friend at a cafe.

Enhance–don’t interrupt

  • Enhance the mobile moment with relevant messaging that answers a purpose, enhances an occasion, and makes that moment more meaningful. Disruptive doesn’t need to be interruptive.

Use real-time relevant data to deliver dynamic creative at scale

  • Programmatic technology can make simple work of data-driven decisions to provide precision and scale to your campaign. Doing mobile right shouldn’t be difficult or expensive!

Understand what success looks like on mobile

  • Not all marketing messages dictate a click-action or reason to purchase; CTR and conversion are not always appropriate measurements of mobile success. Creative engagement or instore visitations can be used as a means to identify the impact of mobile advertising

Think mobile first for media and creative strategy development to engage mobile consumers through the ever-changing context of their day.

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