Travel agency? Target dentists

RTB is here to stay: 20 percent of all display impression purchases were made in real time. Quantcast, which got its start as a tool to provide publishers with rich audience data, discussed how to make RTB more efficient at the Digiday Agency Summit. The key is to follow three simple rules:

  • You need a lot of data to be able to differentiate the signal of real viewer intent from the noise of online activity.
  • You can only sift through these piles of data with smart models, algorithms that know what to look for and how to look for it.
  • You must be able to activate the resulting insights at auctions in real time.

Quantcast, while working for a travel industry client, noticed that its models were targeting dentists. This unorthodox connection became clear once Quantcast dug a little deeper and realized that not only are dentists “planners” by nature, but they were preparing for a large dental convention by making travel arrangements. With enough data and good modeling, Quantcast was able to detect this trend and take advantage of it when making real-time bids.

See the full video below:
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