The 3 stages of customer prospecting

Sometimes, the usual methods of playing off of consumers’ behavioral signals (e.g., retargeting) or using demographic targeting aren’t enough to find and acquire new customers. While these hit prospects who are waiting at the top and bottom of the sales funnel, they might miss out on unconventional targets hiding out in-between.

At last month’s Digiday Brand Summit, TruSignal discussed its method of demand creation for locating high-value prospects. By combining offline data and predictive analytics, you’re able to pick up customers that you were missing with your old methods. TruSignal broke the process into three stages: audience creation (finding an ideal customer and determining good fits among prospects), digital campaigns (including programmatic and RTB methods) and measurement of results. When used on behalf of an insurance provider (that was previously targeting on demographics), micro-patterns in the data collected actually pointed to different characteristics to look for: those who felt an affinity toward bodies of water and camping.

The result: The client saw a 16 percent lift in new sales activity, and the new accounts had a 34 percent higher average value.

See full video of the talk below:

DBS Tech Talk with TruSignal from Digiday on Vimeo.


  • TruSignal uses big data, predictive analytics and technology to deliver highly-precise audiences and data solutions that power people-based marketing initiatives for brands, agencies and platforms. Our integrated platform combines a unique predictive analytics engine, 12 different types of non-sensitive offline data, thousands of predictive attributes, a unique closed-loop measurement system, and unsurpassed digital reach that can anonymously message your customers across multiple channels. Behind all the technology, our team brings decades of experience in data-driven marketing, predictive analytics, experimental design, campaign optimization, and scalable big data management.
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