Post-cookies, ads are the revenue focus for smaller publishers, but first-party data is unlocking new opportunities

From Europe to California, from Apple to Google, powerful entities are reframing user privacy. The question is, how can the publishers that depend on ad revenue grapple with the seismic changes underway? From selling first-party data to expanding contextual offerings, businesses are scrambling to generate ad revenue in new ways —  and turning to new partners for help. 

In this new report, based on research into the tactics and mindsets of different-sized publishers, we discovered that most are still dependent on ad revenue for survival, but for small-to-medium-sized publishers, incremental revenue streams like subscriptions are further out of reach. 

To find out more, download Digiday’s and CafeMedia’s report: The State of Cookies and Data Privacy Laws: How publisher responses will diverge based on size.

For publishers responding to sweeping changes around data and cookies, size will matter. And not only will the size of publishers shape their strategies and tactics around data-privacy legislation and the death of the cookie, so will the depth of their resources.

In this report, you’ll learn:

-The differences between how large and small publishers are generating revenue in the privacy era 

-How publishers are using first-party data and contextual targeting as cookies disappear

-The role of anonymized IDs, and which types of publishers are embracing them

-How publishers are using technology to master their internal data

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