Facebook scaled back national brands’ reach, so go local instead

Brands’ national social platforms used to be able to shout over the competition, reaching thousands of followers while they’re local “competition” often had to settle with a few hundred. But changes in Facebook’s organic reach has leveled the playing field and put local and national pages on equal footing.

MomentFeed’s LocalVoice product takes advantage of that by leveraging the competitive advantage of a local page’s relevance for all its users. It allows both large and small marketers with multiple locations or markets to tailor their social media messages to local contexts. By transforming one campaign into 1,000 or more unique local ads, MomentFeed is able to help clients like Coffee Bean see significantly more engaging results.

See the full video of the talk below:

TechTalk With Moment Feed from Digiday on Vimeo.


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