Gourmet moms love Ryan Gosling and other media tricks

Audience targeting can feel like searching for a “moving needle in a haystack,” R/GA’s Dan Fradin admits. The problem is even more frustrating when you keep getting outbid by your competition. In his Tech Talk at last week’s Digiday Retail Summit, Fradin discussed making smaller budgets work harder by out-smarting the competition with R/GA’s Responsive Media System.

Citing a case study for client McCormick, Fradin set up the problem: “Gourmet moms” were a much sought-after, expensive audience. The solution? Through a medley of social and data science (“algorithmic matchmaking”), R/GA was able to discern that those Gourmet Moms were also avid fans of… Coldplay and Ryan Gosling. Targeting these fan communities allowed R/GA and McCormick to reach the same audience but for a third of the cost.

Check out the video of the talk below:

04 RGA from Digiday on Vimeo.

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