Is your data siloed or ready for programmatic?

Marketers are familiar with the problem of data silos. They make it difficult to move data between departments and combine datasets. This becomes a huge problem in the push to programmatic if your infrastructures that aren’t built for big data projects. The first challenge is, therefore, unlocking this data so that analysts and automated processes are free to draw on it wherever and however necessary.

At the Digiday Programmatic Summit, BrightTag’s Jonathan Ricard put the emphasis back on the competitive advantage of being able to accurately understand and identify your customers in real time. If your data system moves more slowly than your ad-spending systems, you’re going to waste a good amount of programmatic dollars. No one wants to serve the wrong ads, even if they’re to the right people.

See full video of his talk below:

Tech Talk with BrightTag from Digiday on Vimeo.

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