Completing the picture with unstructured data

Imagine a platform that can ingest, bid on, report on and optimize unstructured data. This is what James Moore of discussed at this month’s Digiday Publishing Summit.

The task of imagining might be made easier if you understand what unstructured data is: It includes all of the data that’s used to build audiences on- and off-property, from the technical aspects of how users are consuming content (device, OS, etc.) to the keywords that are helping them find it. All of this can tell you a lot about a person.

Most companies engage in some form of segmentation (which Moore says often results in stereotyping). Once consumers are put into a segment, however, all of that unstructured data is often abandoned. Moore discussed how’s platform can identify which types of data are working the best and the worst and adjust campaigns based on findings.

After all, what’s working today may not be working tomorrow. “When our campaigns are successful, we know why.”

See full video of his talk below.

Tech Talk with Visible Data, Visible Results from Digiday on Vimeo.

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