Your top 5 programmatic trends for fall: A GIF-illustrated guide

By Dax Hamman, SVP BD and Product, Buyer Cloud, Rubicon Project

What’s in the cards for retailers and brand marketers for the second half of the year? Take note of what to put in your programmatic grocery cart. Here are our 5 tip-GIFs, summing up everything you should know.

Good geo-fences make good geo-retargeting neighborsGif1_fencesHarness the power of geo-fence retargeting and help deliver location-relevant ads to your customers. Imagine having expressed interest in getting a new tent for your annual camping trip and, as you walk by REI, you get alerted to a sale on camping gear via your phone. That’s the power of geo-fence retargeting.

Get dynamically creative to keep up with your dynamic customers


Don’t let your brilliant creative stagnate. Use dynamic creative to make sure the right people see the right ad by delivering different ads to different audiences. Your customers are always on the move and you should be able to keep up!

Programmatic branding gets a brand lift


The latest State of the Industry report indicates that 68% of marketers consider programmatic branding their main objective. That means that 32% of marketers are missing out on programmatic’s power and efficiency for their brands.

Don’t be afraid to eat bigger slices of programmatic pie


The same State of the Industry report indicates that four out of five marketers think that their programmatic budget will grow much larger in the next year. Programmatic is particularly useful in retail because it gets you directly in front of consumers. So eat up!

Look before you cross-device the road


Don’t lose track of your customers just because they’re on multiple devices. If a customer is looking for a new suit on his phone, you can deliver him an ad for suits on his desktop. By staying connected across devices, you can keep up with modern retail consumer habits! So hang on for the ride!

Need more tips? Read up with the Brand Lift Off State of the Industry report.
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