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This is the third part of the “Mobile display ads know-hows” series sharing brief best practice insights from Celtra’s Q1 vertical-specific display advertising benchmark reports.

The financial industry is continuing to direct more and more of their colossal digital ad spend to mobile. It is estimated that in 2014 the financial services vertical will invest a whopping $2.2 billion in mobile advertising alone, and for a good reason. Consumers are spending a rapidly increasing amount of online time on their smartphones and tablets, devices that give financial brands the possibility of one-on-one communication with their audience and offer a great sense of privacy and security. After all, according to a recent study, 71 percent of consumers age 18-60+ are already signed up for mobile banking.

That means that, like with many other services, consumers have been making a shift from physical shops to online sites. In the financial sector things might’ve gone slightly slower due to privacy and trust issues. But that’s no longer a problem. And along with users, advertisers are following the movement. Digital display advertising in particular provides the finance vertical with an abundance of marketing opportunities to connect with their consumers and entice them with meaningful engagement.

By using HTML5 display ad formats that can leverage the entire screen area of mobile devices, it’s simple to present brands, services, and offers in a compelling way that will not only get the audience to listen to what you are saying, but also enhance the perception and trust toward the brand along the way.

Once you have consumers’ full attention, the journey down the funnel will be smoother than ever. Whether your goal is to boost consideration, facilitate intent or drive direct response with buttons and in-ad fill-out forms, make sure that you stay relevant, honest and benefit-oriented. Here are some tips and tricks based on Q1 2014 Finance vertical specific report that can help you boost your next campaign:


  • Present your offer or give some free advice in the form of a video, which boasts 40 percent ad feature use and 9.4 percent feature engagement rate. It’s highly recommended to use inline video that allows consumers to interact with the surrounding creative while playing the video.
  • In finance, gaming features boast an impressive 16.5 percent feature engagement rate. Use these mini games to boost ad engagement rates and consumers’ consideration.
  • Once you have the users’ attention, you can get closer to a deal by offering more specific information via sharp CTAs and buttons leading to your mobile site.
  • Money is something many consumers want to talk one-on-one. Try including direct response features (88 percent ad feature use) such as forms to let them book an appointment with a consultant straight from the ad.

For more insights into mobile display ads performance read the full Q1 2014 Finance vertical specific report.

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