5 steps to make the most of programmatic video

Online video is expanding dramatically, with programmatic following close behind. Not only does this union promise more efficiency and higher CPMs, but it offers more control over user experience through better targeting.

LiveRail’s Richie Brown offered five simple steps for incorporating their Deal ID package into any programmatic video campaign at last week’s Digiday Programmatic Summit. First, make sure your DSP supports Deal ID. Then get everyone on the same page in terms of what inventory is being offered, what the placements will be like, etc. Next, he encouraged the audience to test in a live environment. Of course, it’s important to be transparent when it comes to results. Finally, all parties involved should review what works (and what doesn’t) in an open, constructive environment.

See full video of his talk below:

Tech Talk with LiveRail: 5 Simple Steps to Maximize Your Programmatic Video Buys from Digiday on Vimeo.


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