The future is quite rosy for programmatic. Here’s why, in GIFs


What do marketers really think about programmatic advertising? What does the future have in store? The Programmatic Pulse report, a joint study by Chango and Brand Innovators, asked 232 marketers in the US, UK and Canada exactly how they’re using programmatic advertising today — and where they see it going tomorrow. The report is filled with interesting stats and visuals on the industry, but we decided to sum up the state of the industry with animated GIFs.

Three of every four marketers are using programmatic today. That’s a glass more than half full

The growth of programmatic advertising isn’t breaking news. It’s already happening, and fast. According to the most recent research from Chango and Brand Innovators, three of every four marketers are already using programmatic. Almost one-third have been doing it for less than a year. And of the remaining 30 percent who aren’t active with programmatic today, half intend to be next year.

The marketer’s mind is abuzz (with optimism)

In general, marketers view 2015 and beyond as positive for programmatic. They offered such words as “exciting,” “promising” and “necessary” to describe their outlook on the future. Very few chose to label it as “unknown.”

Should I stay (with an agency) or should I go (in-house)?

Marketers are divided on whether they’ll outsource programmatic advertising in the future or bring it in-house. When asked how they see programmatic affecting internal organizations and staffing in 2015, a slim majority (52 percent) indicated they will outsource more to agencies and partners. The remaining 48 percent plan to bring more programmatic in-house.

Agency and vendor: The traits that make a programmatic partner

For those who think they will outsource programmatic in the future, cost (61 percent), competencies with programmatic (55 percent) and ad tech (55 percent) are the primary factors. The positive economics of outsourcing to a programmatic partner, plus the vendor’s deep knowledge of the tools of the trade, find favor with both marketers and brands.

Programmatic buying is set to soar

Looking ahead to the future, 70 percent of respondents agree or strongly agree that a majority of digital media buying will be done programmatically. A clear majority (75 percent) agree or strongly agree that programmatic will expand into areas beyond display advertising. More interesting still is that many of the executives we surveyed widely support the notion that programmatic will expand to TV, with 67 percent agreeing or strongly agreeing this is a likely next step.

The full report, including many more stats and visuals on the programmatic industry, can be downloaded from Chango’s website here.

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