Programmatic video will reinvent how we think about CPG branding

Marketers naturally focus on targeting, and programmatic advertising is one of the most effective ways to consistently hit the bullseye. Over the last few years, the consensus has been that programmatic is great for direct response marketing — but not ideal for branding campaigns.

However, as CPG brands have gotten more comfortable and sophisticated with their branding, that’s no longer the case. Why? One important factor: video.

Spend wisely to reach the right consumers

Let’s say you’re a CPG company that typically relies on cable TV spots for brand immersion. You can spend $4 million dollars for a 30-second Super Bowl spot that goes out to a ton of people — many of whom may not have any interest in your brand or industry.

Or, you can spend a fraction of that on digital and mobile programmatic ad buys that put your video in front of the right people who want to engage with your company.

If the “why” in this case is all about efficiency, then the “how” is all about creativity.

The power of programmatic video

Until recently, programmatic ads were seen as cookie-cutter if they didn’t include some direct response coupon. That couldn’t be further from the truth, especially for a medium like video, which offers up the opportunity to be memorable, unique and interactive.

As it evolves to offer more functionality, flexibility and reach, programmatic is not a place to skimp on creativity. And considering it’s still an emerging space, there’s room for brands to have a real impact.

As marketers continue to put more emphasis on creating memorable video content, it’s easy to see why programmatic could be the future of smart branding. CPG brands can essentially kill two birds with one stone, offering up direct response discounts to shoppers in stores while simultaneously building up brand affinity.

The companies that do this well will have a huge advantage, letting mobile devices bridge the gap between awareness and purchase. Smartphones and tablets will soon become the most popular way we access all types of content.

chango-imageCareful creative campaigns yield brand lift

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling toothpaste, cleaning supplies or soda: You want consumers to remember your brand when they’re ready to buy. While others are “spraying and praying” that their ads hit the mark, those who win at video are taking another tack: Watch and learn.

For more information on how CPG brands are creating spotless programmatic campaigns, download Chango’s Laundry List to Programmatic Success.

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