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Either my eyes aren’t working (very likely), or it’s this Tumblr of the Day: Blurry Pictures of My Friends.


If you want to keep your job, you really have to be careful what you tweet (unless you are Kacy Jordan), because once you put something out there, it will be read. That’s kind of the whole point, duh. Here’s a quick refresher. if you work for an agency that handles Chrysler’s Twitter account, you probably shouldn’t tweet, “I find it ironic that Detroit is known as the #motorcity and yet no one here knows how to f*cking drive.” Unless you want to be fired. Or if you supply the duck voice for a popular insurance ad campaign, then you shouldn’t make really distasteful jokes about the recent tsunami in Japan on your Twitter. Again, unless you want to be fired. NYT


Here’s a new thing, Tweet of the Day:


Now that infamous hacking group Anonymous isn’t busy defending Julian Assange anymore, they’ve taken on a new project, “Operation Fat Hero.” The “fat hero” refers to Casey Heynes, who is now being called “Zangief kid” after a Street Fighter character known for his signature body slam. Casey got this nickname because in a recently popular video, you can see Casey take two unprovoked punches to the face from a scrawny schoolyard bully. In response, Casey (who is the opposite of scrawny) slams the bully to the ground. In defense of Zangief kid Anonymous’ Operation Fat Hero apparently involves mass-emailing messages of support to Zangief kid’s school and attacking the school’s website. Glad to hear that they are keeping themselves busy… urlesque




Apparently there is a “cutthroat Asian group” that has been buying up as many iPad 2’s as it can get it’s hands on in order to markup and resell in China. So if you are one of the ordinary folks trying to get an iPad 2, you better hurry before one the cutthroat Asian gang members buys it first! Gothamist

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