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The Creepiness Continues: So yesterday we told you about that new app Creepy, well here is another example of how easy it is to find and use geolocation information to map out a person’s life, literally. German politician Malte Spitz, in an effort to raise awareness about data privacy, sued to have German telecoms giant Deutsche Telekom release six months of his phone data that he then made gave to the newspaper Zeit Online. The newspaper then combined this geolocation phone data with information relating to Spitz’s political career (taken from online sources like Twitter, blogs, and websites) to create an animated map that tracks Malte Spitz. Just push play. Really, really creepy. Zeit Online


Facebook 101: Some New York libraries are starting to offer Facebook 101 classes for the AARP set. I think my dad, who just turned 59 yesterday, needs to sign up for one of these classes ASAP. He still doesn’t understand “The Facebook” or search engines. (“Wait a minute, so you’re telling me that I can type a question in and it finds answers?”). NYT


Blog to Bookshelf: See, sometimes the Internet doesn’t kill print. The 2-year-old blog My Parents Were Awesome, which features user-submitted photos of parents and grandparents, is being released in a print edition by Villard Books/Random House. urlesque


Parting Words: Joshua Topolsky, former Engadget editor, and a bunch of his old staff have left Engadget to start a new gadget site with their former boss Jim Bankoff at SB Nation. On his personal blog, Topolsky explains his new venture and subtly takes a few jabs at the quality of journalism at AOL. Gawker


Video of the Day: Awwwww! Japan ‘tsunami dog’ Ban is reunited with owner after surviving at sea.

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