Cannes Podcast: Forrester’s Joanna O’Connell on fraud, data, walled gardens and networking again

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The Digiday podcast this week is coming to you live from the Cannes Lions, where the media, marketing, ad tech and creative worlds have come together for the first time in person in two years.

The guest for today’s podcast is Joanna O’Connell, vp and principal analyst with Forrester Research, who offered an unvarnished view of the ills of the industry while crediting some corners of ad tech for trying to make things better.

“In the 25 years of digital advertising, innovation has outpaced thoughtful, methodical, careful assessment of what could be done versus what should be done,” said O’Connell, sitting in the lobby of the famed Martinez hotel at the far end of the Croisette, the main boulevard that links all major hotels to the Palais (where Cannes-Lions-sanctioned content is held).

“There’s a lot happening that’s shining a light on what we do that gives us a moment, or should give us a moment, of pause,” added O’Connell. “And I say this to the biggest brands and to the biggest media platforms in the world because it is their responsibility, ultimately, to be shepherds of great experiences for consumers.”

O’Connell also address the flood of new tech innovations that create “a lot of noise,” the causes of continued fraud in the industry, what the walled gardens may face from brands, and why the idea of consumers ultimately owning data is a much more nuanced issue than it appears.

Stay tuned for our next interview Wednesday with Arun Kumar, chief data & marketing technology officer for IPG, and CEO of Kinesso, IPG’s marketing intelligence engine.

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