TaskRabbit Will Do Your Chores While You Drink Pepsi Next

You and everyone you know probably feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, but Pepsi Next wants to give you some of your time back with its latest campaign “The Extra Hour.”

Pepsi Next, Pepsi’s newest beverage brand, which they released this past March as a lower sugar alternative to regular Pepsi, partnered with startup TaskRabbit, a crowdsourcing errand and task service, to offer busy people a chance to win a free TaskRabbit chore and essentially get an hour of their life back that they would have spent doing that chore.

“The target audience is busy with their day-to-day lives, and it made sense to try and give them an extra hour by taking pesky tasks off their real world to-do lists,“ explained Colin Nagy, executive director of social media at The Barbarian Group, the agency behind the campaign.

The campaign just launched this week and will run through Nov. 12. Every week, 50 winners will be randomly chosen to receive a TaskRabbit to take care of errands like doing the laundry, walking the dog, organizing the pantry and so on. TaskRabbits are local people who sign with TaskRabbit to make a little extra money by taking care of the odd jobs that people post. The TaskRabbits go through background checks and must be approved by TaskRabbit so that users can feel comfortable abd safe about using the service.  If you are a winner of “The Extra Hour,” your TaskRabbit will show up with some Pepsi Next for you to try while you enjoy your free time.

“We’re pretty close to the startup scenes in SF, London, New York and Berlin and are constantly trying to find the elegant — and logical — partnerships that add value for both parties,” said Nagy. “In this case, Taskrabbit was a service that we all loved, and solves a need. Plus, it is bridging online social engagement with real-world problem solving, which we love. “

Pepsi will be promoting the campaign via their social channels. They are hoping that the campaign drives interactions with consumers and encourages them to try their new cola product.

“We believe campaigns like Extra Hour demonstrate how Pepsi NEXT will continue to deliver consumers unbelievable moments to try our product and become a believer,” said Joshua Nafman, digital brand manager at Pepsi.



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