Smart Expedia App Improves Instagram

Brands are trying to find their way still when it comes to apps. The problem most face is there are already apps out there dedicated to the consumer problem. Many smart ones are saying why try to beat them when you can join them.

Expedia, with the help of agency 180LA, is tapping into the visual oversharing culture around Instagram and Facebook with a new mobile app, Find Your Story, which piggybacks onto those networks by letting people create awesome video collages of their trips using pictures from Facebook and Instagram. These videos can then be shared on Facebook.

The smart thing here is Expedia is trying to solve a real problem — we take tons of photos but fail to organize them well — and doing it in a way that totally fits with their brand, which is enabling people to enjoy the incredible experiences that are worth documenting.

“You travel to find out something about yourself or about the world. This campaign is about those moments and sharing them,” said Sarah Gavin, director of PR and social media for

First the app prompts you to fill in some information like your starting point, final destination and any stops along the way. The app uses a Google Maps integration that inserts destination specific graphics into the final video. Once you have specified your locations, you are prompted to pick 10 photos from Facebook or Instagram. The app then lets you add photo filters and music to your video.

Once you pick all of the your locations, pictures, a title for you video and fill in a sentence about what you found on your trip (i.e. “I found excitement” or whatever) , you can view your finished product: a cool video collage of your favorite memories from your last trip, which you can share with your friends on Facebook and rub it in their faces a little bit more that you just went on a fabulous trip.

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