More Nonsensical Brand Tweets

It’s always entertaining to check in on brand tweets every once in a while for unintentional comedy. Trying to keep up a steady stream of banter from a candy or feminine hygiene brand is a recipe for moments of extreme awkwardness.

Here is the latest batch of completely stupid tweets from brands that have nothing to do with anything.

Skittles: This almost seems like the social media manager forgot to log on to their personal account, because this has nothing to do with Skittles.


Starburst: This makes zero sense.


Trident: What does gum have to do with dancing exactly?


Kotex: Why is that even a question? Why?


Snapple: Why are people wasting money on yoga classes and therapists when they could just grab a “centered” Snapple bottle? Oh right, because that is idiotic.

 Image via Shutterstock

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