Early brand adopters on Instagram’s Hyperlapse

Instagram’s latest offering to the app world just rolled out this Tuesday, but it is already No. 3 among the free apps on the Apple app store. Hyperlapse allows users to create quick time-lapse videos with a single click of a button. 

“We designed Hyperlapse to be as simple as possible,” Instagram wrote in the blog post announcing the app. It is, in fact, so simple that several ad agencies are offering lightning-quick office tours with it. Now brands are fiddling with it, too.

Here are 15 that have already created and shared their own Hyperlapses:

Taco Bell
Living up to its reputation of always being ahead of the social curve, Taco Bell was prompt in producing its own quick tour of one of its drive-in restaurants.

Chips Ahoy
Chips Ahoy used the occasion to share a few cookies — and good will — with the crowd.

The beverage brand promoted its half-and-half Cherry Limeaid by taking a two-headed llama representing the drink on a ride.

The fashion magazine used the platform to take us through a quick blink-and-miss tour of its fancy new office space.

The sports retailer used the latest technology fad to create a buzz around the new Nike Kobe 9 “Bright Mango” shoes, which hit the stores tomorrow.

The drive-in fast food chain lived up to its name, taking fans on a tour of one of its drive-ins on hyper speed.

Mountain Dew
The popular beverage brand created its own little treasure hunt and took its tagline “Do the Dew” to a whole new level, by making a time-lapse where you follow the signs that ultimately lead to a bottle of Mountain Dew.

Nature’s Recipe
The pet food brand came up with the most innovative one so far, showing a time lapse through the eyes of a dog playing fetch on the occasion of National Dog Day yesterday.

Mike’s Hard Lemonade
This beverage manufacturer takes us through a tour of its Chicago office.

Sour Patch Kids
The candy brand kept things lively with a full-speed prank.

Mercedes Benz
The luxury automobile manufacturer showcased its CLA250 4MATIC in Hyperlapse.

Burton Snowboards
The snowboard maker took things to the streets.

University of California Irvine
Universities were quick to realize the potential of using Hyperlapse for campus tours, and UC Irvine wasted no time in coming out with its own.

Arizona Iced Tea
Kudos to the brand for thinking out of the box and promoting not one but nine of its flavors in the matter of a few seconds with this creative clip.

The Tonight Show
Trust Jimmy Fallon’s innovative digital team to be on top of the latest trends — with The Today Show’s official handle coming out with a Hyperlapse of him eating cake.


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