Bad Brand Humor in Social

Brands don’t always know what to do on social media. They tend to just make noise and fill space with cheesy retweet requests and random tidbits that don’t really have much to do with the brand. Besides the retweet and like-bait posts, sometimes brands try to be funny on social media; and unsurprisingly they aren’t.

Here are five bad examples of brands attempting humor on Facebook and Twitter. If you are a big brand, maybe just keep the corny joke to yourselves.


Not sure where Starburst got the idea that rhyming makes things true or funny. Nope. Not true.


Trying to be clever by throwing in Plato still doesn’t make this funny.


Actually, yes, this is fine. Brands are basically always dropping corny pickup lines.

Fruit of the Loom

What pun? Seriously, what pun? Because you said fruit?




Image via Shutterstock.

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