Roku is set to reveal a tie-up with The Trade Desk as the streaming platform further opens up programmatic access

If media industry observers need any clarification that digital is firmly part of its mainstream, they need only look at how the previously distinct lines between the NewFronts and the upfront are blurring.

Google hosted its NewFronts pitch on Monday and announced tie-ups with the likes of Disney, Paramount, NBCUniversal, and Warner Bros. Discovery, whereby the streaming providers will make their ad inventory available via its Display & Video 360 platform.

As the 2024 NewFronts season enters day 2, Roku is poised to underline this trend with the announcement of The Trade Desk–the ad industry’s largest independent demand-side platform as a key ad tech partner, Digiday understands.

Spokespeople for both the streaming service and the DSP did not respond on record by press time. Still, separate sources told Digiday that an announcement of a closer integration between the duo was due this week.

Speaking with analysts after Roku’s Q1 2024 earnings announcement last week, the streaming provider’s CEO, Anthony Wood, broadly discussed its aim to make it easier for advertisers to purchase its ad inventory programmatically.

According to a transcript of the call from, this involves “expanding and deepening our relationships with third-party platforms,” according to Wood, noting that programmatic accounts for a growing share of spend on the platform.

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“With our platform advantages, first-party relationships and more than 80 million streaming households, and deep user engagement, we are well-positioned to accelerate platform revenue growth in 2025 and beyond,” he added.

Roku already has its own ad stack known as OneView via way of its $150 million purchase of DataXu, a specialist video DSP it bought in late 2019, albeit separate sources previously told Digiday staffers at the streaming service hinted that it would gradually sunset OneView over the course of 2024.

Meanwhile, The Trade Desk’s desire to seek closer integration with high-profile media owners is well documented with initiatives such as OpenPath and its more recent tie-up with Disney’s Real-time Ad Exchange. However, Digiday understands that Roku’s upcoming announcement—due to take place later today—isn’t necessarily an OpenPath tie-up.

Commenting on the potential of Roku opening up to third parties, one source, who declined to be named given commercial sensitivities, told Digiday, “The question here is if The Trade Desk will be able to access the Roku ID or will that be reserved for those using Roku DSP [OneView]?”

Roku is scheduled to make its 2024 NewFronts presentation at 4:30 p.m. ET on April 30.

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