WTF is web ops for agencies?

A website is at the heart of nearly every organization’s digital strategy — it’s the single most important digital asset the organization owns, and it should be the hardest working one. However, agencies often find website projects are sources of frustration. Too often, their clients’ approach to website operations — web ops — needs some attention. 

As agencies work with brand marketers to build engaging, iterative digital-first customer journeys, they find that the most successful teams are the ones who keep collaboration at the center of their strategies. They are using web ops technology to remove friction from the customer experience and the working relationship between marketing and IT. 

In this WTF guide, Digiday and Pantheon put a lens onto web ops technology, agile processes, and the collaboration strategies that may be missing from agencies’ and brands’ marketer digital programs. 

Download this guide from Pantheon to learn more about: 

  • How web ops affect marketers specifically 
  • How marketing teams can collaborate with IT
  • How the ACLU put web ops into practice
  • How agencies can help brands implement a web ops practice

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WTF is web ops for agencies?