WTF is sell-side targeting?

As brands and agencies navigate a world without third-party cookies, there are new opportunities to control and differentiate their supply chain to drive improved campaign performance, all without sacrificing the scale they require. And, non-cookie-based targeting is providing many advertisers with better results in the near term, making it imperative to establish cookieless targeting strategies now, before competitors do. 

An addressability strategy that has emerged is applying audience targeting on the sell side, which moves targeting closer to the publisher — and ultimately the consumer — to support their inventory and targeting strategies. 

In this WTF guide, Digiday and PubMatic dive into the details of sell-side targeting, an approach that’s increasingly giving advertisers and media agencies a jump on the cookieless future. 

Download this guide from PubMatic to learn more about:

  • The evolving inventory and campaign process
  • Improving performance and engagement with a sell-side targeting approach
  • Comparing audience targeting performance: DSP versus sell side
  • How different owned audience segments work with sell-side targeting 
  • Finding the right sell-side targeting provider

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WTF is sell-side targeting?
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