While advertising within games has increased in popularity, misconceptions about what in-game creative can look like and do still afflict the space. One such misconception is that in-game advertising (IGA) represents potentially annoying or intrusive pop-ups on mobile games or other platforms where people play online. However, there’s more to in-game advertising, strategies and audiences than the misconceptions allow. 

As agencies pursue the premium inventory they know reaches their clients’ most engaged and receptive audiences, misconceptions about accessing the highest-quality IGA opportunities abound. For example, premium gaming inventory isn’t just on consoles. Mobile and PC games offer increasingly abundant ad inventories — and plenty of premium games from which advertisers can choose. 

In this WTF guide, Digiday and StackAdapt dive into what IGA means, what it looks like and how agency teams can best leverage this lucrative strategy to reach new audiences, explore new creative approaches and bring customers further into the funnel for conversions and positive campaign outcomes across their client set. 

Download this guide from StackAdapt to learn more about: 

  • How the audience for IGA has evolved
  • The methods behind the delivery of IGA 
  • How measurement has improved for IGA and the future of metrics
  • What’s essential to successful IGA strategies and partnerships

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