WTF is Creative Refresh?

Targeting customers with the most relevant and appropriate ads is more important than ever, especially in the high-stakes CTV space. Advertisers want to ensure that their CTV campaigns stand out amongst competing ads and overcome the obstacle of ad fatigue — all toward the goal of reaching and resonating with their intended audiences.  

To get the most mileage out of CTV campaigns, marketers are prioritizing an approach known as creative refresh — creating multiple variations of different ad units, informed by and updated based on consumer engagement and response metrics. This WTF guide breaks down the unique steps of a creative refresh for CTV and why refining the practice is critical for driving CTV ad performance in 2022. 

Download this guide to learn about:

  • Why ad fatigue is driving the need for creative refreshes
  • What goes into building a modular CTV ad unit
  • Using audience metrics to inform creative refresh decisions 
  • How teams approach testing creative and monitoring performance
  • How brands are evaluating technology and production partners to ensure future creative refresh success 

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