Webinar: WTF is a world without (third-party) cookies?

As businesses plan for a “new normal”, the future of the third-party cookie will shape every shortlist of steps. The operative question becomes: What does a world without (third-party) cookies really look like?

In March 2020, Digiday and Silverbullet launched a WTF report to highlight the challenges that lie ahead in a cookieless world and what businesses need to achieve under a first-party data paradigm. Now, in this upcoming webinar, Umberto Torrielli, Chief Strategy Officer at Silverbullet and David Amodio, Head of Digital and Innovation at Channel 4, join forces in a 45-minute virtual fire-side chat and Q&A on the subject.

Channel 4 will discuss its efforts surrounding the creation and deployment of their smart data strategy. With a mission to create better, faster and smarter marketing decisions through the power of data, the broadcaster will also cover their journey to date, the challenges they have overcome and what their version of a first-party data driven future looks like.

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  • Hear from a leading brand that is making huge transformations in their data-driven marketing
  • Get insight into how brands and content owners can survive in a world without cookies
  • Find out why publishers and advertisers will turn to contextual advertising to continue targeting consumers
  • Get top tips for surviving — and thriving — in a cookieless world

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