WTF is a revenue management platform?

In the quest to pull together a coherent picture of their audiences and revenue streams, publishers find themselves corralling discrete information from multiple screens and dashboards. The process surfaces an imperfect, patched-together portrait of complex audience information, and workflows can take so long that the data winds up being obsolete. 

The revenue management platform, or RMP, aims to change all that. Going further than a DMP, the RMP formalizes and codifies a single-system approach to segmentation and monetization, layering real-time revenue data into an audience management platform. Download this new guide, you’ll gain insights into how RMPs work, and how experienced publishers have integrated them into their businesses. 

In this new report, learn more about:

  • How publishers including Archant, Imgur and Maven have implemented RMPs
  • How RMPs enable publishers to view which pages and content are driving revenue
  • How RMPs let publishers analyze audience and revenue data on a single platform
  • How RMPs identify real-time audience value and accelerate segmentation

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