Why brand marketers are leveraging predictive, generative and autonomous AI

Artificial intelligence is permeating every industry and market, and e-commerce and brand marketers are increasingly eager to find ways to implement AI into their everyday tasks. But while generative AI has been top-of-mind, a recent global survey found that generative AI tools such as ChatGPT will represent a much smaller slice of the AI usage pie in only a few years. 

Other models and applications are on the rise. Marketers who think only ChatGPT is at their disposal could be limiting themselves to just one use case among many. Beyond generative AI, predictive and autonomous AI technology offers marketers additional and unique benefits. 

In this new guide from Klaviyo, learn how e-commerce and brand marketers use AI to gain a competitive edge, the different types of technologies they’re using — some of it already at their disposal (if they know how to use them) — and how AI is helping teams prepare for the future. 

Download the guide to learn more about:

  • AI capabilities beyond ChatGPT
  • The different applications of predictive, generative and self-optimizing AI
  • Real-world examples of brands using AI to drive actual results
  • What future AI applications are available for e-commerce and brand marketers today 

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Why brand marketers are leveraging predictive, generative and autonomous AI
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