White paper: The media buyer’s guide to in-app advertising supply paths

Media buyers need to have a strategy in place to improve the effectiveness and the efficiency of their buys across mobile web and desktop. Their tactics require increasingly nuanced approaches to supply path optimization, especially for the complex, closed ecosystem of in-app advertising. Strong supply path optimization strategies not only help buyers remove resellers from the equation — and fewer SSP partners means lower costs — but they also help identify high-ROI combinations that lead to better in-app campaign KPIs and more effective marketing in general.

Additionally, working with a smaller group of SSPs often will improve campaign performance and drive product innovation.  To help reach those outcomes, this new white paper from InMobi highlights what media buyers need to know to improve their in-app SPO strategy.

Download this guide to learn:

  • The key principles of in-app SPO strategies for buyers
  • The differences between header bidding and waterfall-based monetization
  • Why an SDK-integrated supply performs better than an API for buyers
  • How in-app OTT content syndication and outsourced yield management are powerful next steps for media buyers

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