Webinar: Succeeding in a future with multiple identity solutions

Future-proofing and advancing data-driven marketing strategies can feel daunting with the endless streams of articles, white papers and opinions on the 80-plus identity solutions available in the marketplace.  

To succeed, businesses will need to find a way to navigate through all of those solutions and come up with a strategy for where their company is now — and for their future growth. 

Join a live webinar on July 21 at 1 p.m. EDT to hear leaders from the tech and data space as they embark on a candid discussion about actionable steps that brands and their partners can take to build a privacy-safe, collaborative future.

Register for this upcoming webinar where Matt Frattaroli, vice president of digital partnerships at Alliant, will join Travis Clinger, senior vice president of addressability and ecosystem at LiveRamp and David Danziger, vice president of data partnerships at The Trade Desk, to dig in on how brands can implement identity solutions.

Sign up now and learn how to: 

  • Architect a suite of IDs and understand interoperability
  • Evolve data strategies with multiple IDs
  • Choose the right team to make it happen

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