Upgrade to the Digiday+ and Markecture bundle

Digiday+ and Marketecture are now offering an annual bundle membership, so you can enjoy the benefits of Digiday+ and also get smarter about shopping technology vendors and their solutions — while saving over $400 on the cost of both.

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What is Marketecture?
Marketecture is a new kind of vendor review platform that utilizes the expertise of real industry practitioners to help readers understand the complex world of technology and make better vendor decisions. You can learn more and preview the content here.

How much does it cost?
The bundle is $595 — a $440 savings on the cost of an annual subscription to both Digiday+ and Marketecture.

What happens to my current Digiday+ membership?
A prorated amount of your remaining Digiday+ membership will be applied to an upgrade and you’ll start a new annual membership for both. Questions? Submit your info on the right.

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