The state of social media video marketing

With a significant amount of people’s screen time devoted to social media, marketing teams are increasing their advertising spend across the platforms. And, as video continues to both serve as an attention grabber and a tactic that helps marketers overcome privacy changes such as Apple’s ATT, teams are also increasing investment in video ads on social media specifically. 

To understand how marketers are tackling social media advertising campaigns with video in mind, Digiday and QuickFrame surveyed more than 120 brands and agencies. This report captures the results and, with expert insights, highlights the approaches teams are using, the ways they’re changing their media mix and how they’re working to prevent ad fatigue along the way. 

Download this new report to learn more about: 

  • How optimizing video creatives and tailoring for Gen Z is a work in progress
  • Why approaches to video campaign measurement frequency leave room for improvement 
  • How marketers are fine-tuning creative refresh
  • How to identify the tools to optimize social media video campaigns 

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The state of social media video marketing
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