The state of premium video

As the premium content ecosystem evolves, advertisers are shifting more share of budget to video. They’re finding addressable audiences across CTV, linear and social media channels, unlocking new channels and ways to remain relevant and hold consumer attention as an ever-growing number of competitors enter the market.

To unpack premium video’s role in the marketing mix, including spend and the areas where advertisers are seeing the most significant results, Digiday and Amobee surveyed 116 advertisers. This state of the industry report highlights what they told us and how advertisers are winning with premium video. 

Download this new report to learn more about: 

  • Where video fits in the premium marketing mix
  • How advertisers are allocating premium video spend
  • How premium video outcomes are matching up to other premium outcomes
  • The future of premium video and next steps for advertisers
  • The role of partnerships in scaling premium video campaigns

Sponsored by: Amobee

The state of premium video
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