The state of omnichannel marketing in 2023

Even as marketers have established omnichannel strategies as their advertising baseline, teams must work to evolve and innovate to keep up with changing consumer behaviors and the proliferation of digital channels. Marketing teams must also contend with ever-expanding privacy regulations and the impacts of macroeconomic trends.

To help advertisers get a handle on omnichannel marketing in 2023, Digiday and Amazon Ads surveyed more than 110 brands, agencies and other organizations to understand how marketers are approaching omnichannel strategies, spend, measurement and more. This new State of the Industry report unpacks how they’re addressing changing consumer behaviors, industry shifts and measurement challenges now and in the future.

Download this new research to learn more about: 

  • Omnichannel marketer’s goals in 2023 and how teams are organizing to achieve them
  • The challenges top of mind for omnichannel teams in 2023
  • Solving challenges around scale, accurate measurement and ROI
  • How omnichannel marketers are approaching and improving measurement 

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The state of omnichannel marketing in 2023
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