The state of in-housing 2021

In-housing flourished in 2020, as the pandemic accelerated the need for marketing teams to achieve greater efficiency, collaboration and control over brand messaging — all of which are known drivers and benefits of bringing digital marketing in-house. 

This new state of in-housing report, surveying more than 200 senior marketers in Europe, charts the growth of in-house — from team structures to skills requirements — and takes a comprehensive look at the impact of the pandemic on in-house teams, agency spend and the use of technology. 

Download the research to learn more about: 

  • Full research and analysis on the impact of the pandemic on in-housing 
  • Why in-housing has caused brands to experience a bump in creativity and ROI on digital marketing efforts 
  • The experiences of brands that have in-housed — including TikTok, AB InBev, Channel 4, Vodafone, Twitter, Telefonica and more — featuring analysis from experts who provide advice on a clear path to in-housing success

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