The state of CTV in 2023: As some challenges fade, new tech enters the picture

Television has become a fully interconnected, wide-open space for audiences. IN 2023, viewers’ underlying concepts of what TV comprises in the first place have been radically transformed by the technology they use daily. 

In a time of transformation, connected TV has been a primary force driving these changes, altering the marketing landscape of video content and fusing robust performance metrics with the longstanding value of brand awareness that television has always provided. 

To explore how advertisers are approaching this new era of CTV, Digiday and MNTN surveyed more than 100 brands and agencies about how they deploy and optimize CTV creative across channels. Packed with expert insights, this new State of the Industry Report also highlights how brand and performance teams are addressing the changing nature of CTV challenges.

Download this new report to learn more about:

  • How CTV has come to occupy an established and integrated role in the advertising mix
  • What advertisers expect CTV will drive regarding revenue in 2023 and 2024
  • How teams are tackling CTV advertising management and measurement
  • What the rise of generative AI means for CTV ad creative

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The state of CTV in 2023: As some challenges fade, new tech enters the picture
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