The state of content marketing

A brand’s owned-and-operated site is its blank page, a place where the story of its products, people and customers can come to life. And while significant attention has been paid to how brands engage consumers and other stakeholders in native ways across numerous channels, there is an evolution underway regarding the content marketing team that is focused on the properties a brand calls its own.

As it matures, team structures are changing, and with that transformation come budget, allocation, deployment, measurement and other shifts. In 2023, this is shaping the state of the content marketer in the owned-and-operated environment. 

To further explore and identify how in-house teams divide the lift and secure the skillsets needed to create educational content, thought-leadership writings, email series, customized magazines and more, Digiday and Foundry 360 surveyed 90 content marketers. This new State of the Industry report unpacks the results, focusing on how they work with their own sites and channels to publish content that educates, engages and wins over the digital consumer in 2023. 

Download this new report to learn more about: 

  • The goals and formats overtaking consumer-facing content in 2023
  • How budgets are shifting and the formats that are standing out
  • The team structures that are reigning supreme
  • The metrics content marketers are looking to first when optimizing content across owned-and-operated channels 

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The state of content marketing
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