The state of commerce content

Publishers have found commerce content to be an increasingly effective strategy and business model — a lucrative form of content that consumers trust. While there are many different formats of commerce content, all are produced with an editorial voice that upholds the publisher’s values and standards, driving commissions via affiliate links. Revenue from this strategy can be significant, but capturing commerce content dollars depends on several factors. 

To understand how media companies are leveraging commerce content as a revenue stream and how they plan for the future, Digiday and surveyed more than 60 publishers. This new State of the Industry report captures the results, unpacking how publishers are growing their commerce content programs, overcoming challenges and implementing solutions and partnerships along the way. 

Download this new report to learn more about: 

  • The expanding role of commerce content in publisher revenue and budgets
  • Why consumer product coverage and reviews are still mainstays of commerce content
  • The challenges publishers are facing as commerce content grows
  • How partnerships and technology are shifting to address expanding publisher needs

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The state of commerce content
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