The state of affiliate marketing for publishers in 2022

As consumers return to pre-pandemic shopping behaviors, publishers are now learning what affiliate marketing will look like for them in the coming year. One challenge they’re facing: merchants recalibrating budgets with the evolving economic climate. 

To explore how affiliate marketing has evolved as a strategic revenue play for publishers, Digiday and Skimlinks surveyed 65 publishers. This report dives into the results and, along with expert insights, how the role of affiliate marketing has changed as a revenue source, how the resources and budgets devoted to it have evolved and how publishers are using partnerships to move their affiliate programs forward. 

Download this new report to learn about: 

  • Barriers to entry for affiliate marketing
  • How teams are working to improve and evolve affiliate strategies 
  • How affiliate commissions have been affected so far
  • What the future of affiliate marketing looks like

Sponsored by: Skimlinks, a Taboola company

The state of affiliate marketing for publishers in 2022
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