The publisher’s guide to evergreen content

Evergreen content is among the most performant types of content for most publishers, yet it is typically the most challenging type of content to manage and distribute.

Many publishers need help generating responsive, relevant content and distributing it effectively in a rapidly changing landscape of topics, audience expectations and multi-platform, multi-device approaches. Savvy publishers are responding to these challenges with evergreen content strategies and solutions to increase referrals and build consistent traffic streams.

In this Tactics + Insights guide, Digiday and True Anthem highlight how publishers are utilizing AI solutions to identify, curate and promote evergreen content that brings audiences to their sites and keeps them coming back for more. The tactics publishers use to make the most of machine learning are helping them unlock the potential of evergreen content and tailor it for maximum reach and referral traffic.

Download the new guide to learn:

  • How AI is helping publishers identify optimal evergreen content for social media audiences
  • Which social media metrics publishers use to evaluate evergreen content 
  • How machine learning is helping publishers streamline content curation
  • How partnerships are helping publishers monetize their evergreen content

Sponsored by: True Anthem

The publisher’s guide to evergreen content
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