The publisher’s guide to A/B testing 

Testing approaches like A/B methodologies have helped countless marketers improve digital campaigns through continual optimization. In 2022, more and more publishers are adopting these tactics to capitalize on this success.

With numerous variables and KPIs in play, publishers are relying on A/B testing to calculate winning conditions. Yet because there’s typically no single factor leading to success, they’re learning to balance the measurement of each KPI to ensure it is connected to the variables involved.

To help publishers uncover tactics and insights for driving conversions through incremental improvement, this report highlights how brands are employing A/B testing to optimize campaigns at scale.

Download this new report from Piano to learn:

  • How publishers can identify KPIs for A/B testing
  • How to set up and run an A/B test for your publishing platform
  • How to interpret the metrics and statistics behind A/B testing
  • How to identify A/B testing partners and resources

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The publisher’s guide to A/B testing