The marketer’s guide to measuring brand lift

Brand perception is critical to how advertisers’ messages are received, and marketers are increasingly including brand lift in their digital marketing tool kit. 

Brand lift studies help advertisers learn what audiences consider most important, and provide access to metrics such as awareness, ad recall and affinity. In an increasingly privacy-minded world, these types of metrics will be more coveted, especially amid the deprecation of more traditional identifiers. 

To help marketers uncover tactics and insights for awareness, recall and full-funnel success, this tactical guide highlights the challenges and benefits that come with accurate brand lift studies and provides actionable steps to improve campaign outcomes along the way. 

Download this new report from StackAdapt to learn:

  • How to best plan a brand lift study
  • How to enable measurement of brand lift
  • How one brand used a brand lift study to measure brand perception
  • How to best improve brand lift accuracy and efficiency 

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