The marketer’s guide to creative collaboration in a hybrid world

Marketing departments communicate and collaborate with multiple teams, relying on complex and expansive toolkits to effectively drive brand campaigns and messaging. 

Even before the rise of the hybrid creative team, a proliferation of platforms and dashboards risked burnout, attrition and difficulty demonstrating ROI. Especially now that creative teams are distributed between in-office and at-home productivity, marketers are working to create streamlined and straightforward collaboration strategies.

In this new guide, Digiday and Wrike offer actionable steps for marketing teams striving to improve how they communicate and collaborate, internally and with other stakeholders, to drive efficient, positive, campaign-boosting outcomes.

Download this guide to learn: 

  • How teams are simplifying their tech stacks for transparency
  • Why customizable and flexible workflows can be the most effective
  • How to avoid duplicated efforts among project collaborators
  • How to find the right project management tool

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