The first-party data handbook

In today’s privacy-first marketing environment, personalization is highly dependent upon collecting first-party data from existing customers, then augmenting it with valuable zero-party data provided willingly by those same people.

But the conversation often ends without tackling the equally important question of how first-party data can be leveraged for privacy-compliant prospect marketing. To be effective in both customer optimization and new customer acquisition, brands must identify and target previously unknown consumers who look — and shop — a lot like their current customers. For most, engaging in data partnerships (like participating in a cooperative database) is helping teams pick likely-to-purchase consumers out of the crowd.

In this tactical guide, Digiday and Wiland examine how data collaborations enable marketers to unlock the potential of first-party data to drive customer acquisition campaigns and lower-funnel outcomes.

Download this guide to learn:

  • Different approaches to data collaborations to get more from first-party data
  • How collaboratively enriched first-party data is driving acquisition campaigns
  • Why enriched first-party data is especially useful for driving lower-funnel outcomes
  • The key characteristics to look for in a data partner 

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