The DTC playbook: Evolving the apparel brand experience

The evolution of direct-to-consumer commerce has given wearable brands an opportunity to deliver exceptional, brand-driven customer experiences. However, heading into 2022 and beyond, it’s essential for brands in the apparel space to have a DTC strategy that caters to ever-changing shopping patterns and preferences.

To succeed in the new in-store and online shopping journey, brands will have to anticipate the items customers want and how they want to purchase them — and offer a frictionless shopping experience that will keep those customers returning. To help drive advertisers’ approaches to the DTC experience, this playbook breaks down the critical steps that marketing and customer relations teams are taking to better reach, engage and convert customers. 

Download this guide to learn about:

  • What goes into a top-tier DTC customer experience
  • Essential plays for developing and strengthening brand-first experiences
  • The role of customer data and automation in increasing sales
  • Action steps for preparing a standout DTC strategy for the future

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