The advertisers’ guide to social media and programmatic DOOH

As advertisers increasingly introduce new campaign formats into the omnichannel ecosystem, marketing teams are seeing successful results from DOOH integrations. And as these integrations expand, they’re finding integrating mobile channels to be a particularly effective approach. 

Through mobile, advertisers are aligning DOOH with increasingly popular social media platforms to target audiences more effectively.

In this new Tactics + Insights guide, Digiday and VIOOH put a lens on the tactics brands use to make the most of programmatic DOOH advertising across the social media landscape. As audiences spend more and more time on social media and mobile devices, advertisers are using programmatic tools and tactics to better understand the customer journey and extend OOH messaging to a wider audience.

Download the new guide to learn:

  • How social-first creative is helping advertisers connect DOOH campaigns with mobile audiences 
  • How advertisers are employing programmatic tactics to run DOOH campaigns across social platforms
  • Why offline measurement is becoming essential to the DOOH-to-mobile-to-social connection
  • Why advertisers are utilizing partnerships with a strong emphasis on the audience journey

Sponsored by: VIOOH

The advertisers’ guide to social media and programmatic DOOH
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